Hi There--

Here's a couple of pix of my baby, with better ones of her (and her sister, my wife's bike) in a week or two, I hope.

Bridgestone 700, 57cm, steep geometry, yet somehow stable and comfy for 6"1" me. Replaced the pedals with MKS GR9s, the stem with a Technomic, and the bars with Nitto Noodles. Tires are Bontrager RaceLite 25mm, which I like way better than I thought I would, and saddle is an old vinyl Avocet Touring, my favorite for many years. The rest is mostly Suntour--sealed hubs, Superbe Pro shifters etc., Bridgestone brakes. She does mostly commuting but gets out on Sundays and kicks her heels for a while. And she's tough enough to take on LA traffic, hills, and potholes!

Rick Risemberg


Bridgestone 700 - side view

Bridgestone 700 - front quarter view

Update - 12/18/05

Here's an update to my Bridgestone 700 pix (#47). The old gal now has fenders on for the winter. I prevailed upon my wife Gina Morey to take this shot while we were out riding around looking for images for her portfolio (http://www.ginamorey.com).

Bridgestone 700 - fendered side view

Update - 2/19/06

Hi Jim--

Here's another step in the evolution of the little Bridgestone 700. As you can see she's got a Carradice on now....

Thanks, Rick

Bridgestone 700 - Revised side view 

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