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I really like your site! Currently I'm drooling my way through the "Current Classics".

Here's one for you unless it's not suitable for the site. It's your site, so it's your call:

ed. - Ok, here's the call: "Go for it Chris!". Here's the reasoning: The bike this replaced was a Cannondale, so the direction Chris is heading is a good one. While this bicycle doesn't have the world's best clearance (although it doesn't rain in Laguna Hills, so it's not likely to need fenders...), it does have more traditional frame dimensions, including a horizontal top tube and a 1" headtube. He also built it up himself. Plus, it's being used as a commuter and has a RBW Candybar Bag on it. And in my book those are two big plusses. But, consider this absoutely "on the edge"...

I just recently built this bike up. It is my first ever frame up build. The frame is a 60cm 1994 Specialized Allez, aluminum, with a Kinesis carbon fork. That and a Ritchey headset was all I got for my $60 on eBay. I especially like the polished fork crown and the colors and graphics on the frame; it's bright, but not too busy.

I had a 2000-something 58cm Cannondale road bike that I never got used to. The fork was cut very short and the bars were too low. So when I saw the Specialized I liked the long headtube and normal 1" threaded headset with spacers. So I stripped the Cannondale and built the Specialized. I call it the "Canonized-Specialdale"

Here are some details:
Stem/crank/brakes: Cannondale Quill to threadless stem adapter: Nashbar Rims: Mavic CXP21 (very strong, they've never gone out of true) Shifting: all 105 except Tiagara front Der. Bars: Deda Seatpost: Supergo carbon Handlebar bag, wheel reflectors, DT cable stops: Rivendell Lights and computer: Cateye Pedals: Look (I'm not crazy about the red color, they may get replaced with something silver.) I like all my bikes to be commuters so that's why I've got the lights. The Rivendell Candy Bar Bag is just too handy for any type of riding. Put one on your bike and it may never come off.

Hope you all enjoy the pictures!


Chris Roy
Laguna Hills, CA


Specialized Allez - rear brake detail

Specialized Allez -crankset detail
Specialized Allez -drive side view
Specialized Allez - non drive view


Specialized Allez - cockpit view
 This bicycle has been revised - click here for the latest version

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