Here are some photos of my 2001 Dave Yates Super Randonneur.

I found the frame on the iBob list and collected parts over time and from various sources and I must say that the result is very pleasing to me.

The frame sepcifications are as follows (all measurements are center to center): Seat tube: 57cm Top Tube: 57cm Seat angle: 72.5 degrees Head angle: 72.9 degrees Fork rake: 4.4cm Front Center: 60.2cm Wheel Base: 101cm Chain Stay: 42.2cm Bottom Bracket drop: 7.5cm cluster

As I said, I got the various parts from various places, but mostly those were from the members of the iBob list. Here are the sources as best as I can recall: Frame: purchased off the list from iBob Ed Felker (Ed, I love this bike!)
Cinelli stem: purchased also from Ed, but long before he ever listed the frame.
Cinelli H-bars (64-42, one groove): purchased from iBob Chris Collins
Crank (TA Zephyer): Purchased from iBob David Hallerman
Schmidt SON hub: Purchased from iBob Jan Heine
Rims (MA2, 32 hole): Purchased from iBob Alex Wetmore (back up rims, purchased from iBob Jim Gourgoutis)
Rear Der. (105 long cage): purchased from iBob Tim Bartoe
Shift levers (Ultegra, 8sp barends): I got these a long time ago, but I'm certain I got them off the list)
Brake Levers (Shimano Aero levers): Same deal as above, I forget who I got them from but I'm certain I bought them off the list.
Saddlebag (Carridice Pendle): From iBob Glenn Flick

What's left? Well, I did buy some things brand new, but from local shops: Fenders, headlight, saddle bag rack (Berthoud SS, E6, Bagman (not shown)): From iBob Peter White (note the modification to the cable bolt on the front deraileur. I had to swap out the bolt that Shimano uses because the head was very large and it came in contact with the fender when I shifted to the large chainring. Now, at lease some daylight shows between the two components.) Saddle (Brooks B17 Champion Special, Honey): Jitensha Studio Bottle cages (King, stainless steel): Stone's Cyclery, Alameda, CA Bottom bracket and Chain Rings (Phil Wood, and TA): From frame builder Ed Litton I bought the seat post (Campy two bolt) at the Mill Valley Swap meet I got the brake calipers and rear hub and cassette (Shimano 105s, dual pivots, and Shimano 600, Shimano 8speed) as give aways from a fellow local bike club member, and the front Shimano 105 triple der also from a fellow local bike club member as a giveaway. I also got the Shimano 105 pedals with the Look pattented mechanisms from a swap meet.

Not pictured is the front SON generator hub. I have the MA2 rim, and the correct spokes but haven't done the build of the wheel yet. Last year the bike had wheels with MA3s and I've built 2 of the three wheels for the current configuration (two front wheels, one with one without the Schmidt SON hub).

Dave Yates - side view

Dave Yates - front quarter view
Dave Yates - derailleur & gearing view
Dave Yates - crankset view


Dave Yates - headtube & wiring detail

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