This bike started life as a Specialized Expedition sometime in the early 1980's.

What was left of it was rescued from a garage sale in 1995 and restored with some fun and imagination. The result - the "Hubbell Specialissima" - is a blend of Italian, American, British, French and Japanese influences. And yeah, it's a really nice touring bike too!

Recent tours on this bike: Eastern Idaho tour - 1995 Central Oregon tour - 1996 San Diego and Imperial Counties - 1997 Hanoi to Saigon, Viet Nam - 1998 Texas Hill Country - 1999 Lewis & Clark Expedition Tour, Oregon - 2000 Northern Nevada Tour - 2002 Touring Ride in Rural Indiana (TRIRI) - 2003 Oklahoma Freewheel - 2003 Nova Scotia Circumnavigation Tour - 2003 Florida / Georgia / South Carolina Tour - 2004

Wilson Hubbell
Santa Barbara, CA

Specialized Expedition - driveside view

Specialized Expedition - nondrive side



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