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5/07 - This bicycle now has a new owner - this listing maintained for reference only.

Caveats: Periwinkle blue is NOT planned as a production color.

Last summer I was invited to build up and test a Kogswell prototype for what would become a Porteur/Randonneur bike. The trick is that there's one frame with your choice of three forks, each with a different amount of trail. Simply pick the fork for your preferred application and you're good to go. It works very well. Production frames should be available by June 2006 and orders are being taken now. Details at www.kogswell.com.

This bike was originally built up and tested as a Porteur (French cargo bike with large front rack). After a month of that testing, I was ready to rebuild it with a different fork that would allow me to run it as a rough-stuff roadie commuter.

The bike handles very well with no noticeable toe overlap, and the 650B wheels make for surprisingly nimble-but-smooth handling, even with the fatter tires shown here. The compact overall design of the frame means that women as well as men can ride it (the top tube for this 56.3 cm model is only 54cm!).

I built mine with 650B x 40 tires and a very basic 14-speed friction drivetrain, using a combination of used and affordable new/aftermarket parts. The only place I didn't skimp was on the the wheels, since present 650B offerings for rims are double-walled, excellent quality and a bit more expensive. My goal is to take some all-day rides along the Springwater Corridor later this summer; maybe even an overnight to Oxbow Park and back. If you're considering 650B, here's a really nice way to get into it.

Beth Hamon
Portland, OR


Kogswell Porteur Prototype - drive side view


Kogswell Porteur Prototype - rear quarter view

After trying several different bar/stem combos and not completely liking any of them, I went back to uprights in early December 2006, only this time I used a 54cm wide North Road (Albatross-style) bar and a longer stem. Also, I upgraded the cranks to Sugino triples, and the tires to Col de la Vie's.

Both of these upgrades have made a big difference in how the bike rides and handles and I recommend both items heartily.



Kogswell P/R - side view with north road bars



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