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Attached are some photos of my new green Rambouillet (64cm).

The bike started out box stock. The good folks at Mountain Sports LTD. in Bristol, Virginia allowed me to make some substitions to the package as follows:

The wheel were my own, Ultegra 36hole both front and rear, 7 speed hyperglide in back, laced to Mavic MA40 rims.
I had them substitute the rapid rise Deore rear derailer for an Ultegra mid range.
The 46cm noodles were replaced by a 48cm.

Everything else remained the "stock" set up.
Brooks B17 Champion Special, 11 cm nitto stem, Nitto seatpost, Sugino Crank 48-36-26..the cassette is a 12/28, Shimano calipers and levers. Shimano Bar-cons set to Friction (work great this way).
The tires are foldable Ruffy Tuffys.
The pump ends are wrapped with white gauze type bandage tape and twined on the ends.
The ends of the handlebars are wrapped this way also to meet the brown cloth tape, which I have no idea how to wrap an entire handle bar completely with two rolls of tape. All this covered with many many thin coats of amber shellac. This I did myself, I wouldn't expect a bike shop to go to that much trouble, even though they do nice bar wrapping over at Mountain Sports. The red bottle cage is temporary and will be replaced by a pair of ALE steel cages on order from RBW when they arrive. Almost forgot the pedals. Nothing special here just generic house brand SPDs.

The unusual seat bag is a recycled Russian ammo pouch their army issued with the famous Mosin-Nagant rifles (watch Enemy at the Gate) for many years before and after WWII . It is held on by a set of old Toe straps and some Zip ties.

I really like this bike and hope It stays with me for the remainder of my days, I can tell by the quality of the frame that it will never wear out.

The guidelines say to tell what the bike will be used for. Well I intend to ride it...lots. Hopefully someday I will have the time to do some light touring, Kudos to Rivendell for this design...It is the way a bicycle should be, period.

Thanks also to Bob and Steve at MSL, they do a great job there and are huge Rivendell fans as well.


Rivendell Rambouillet - side view


Rivendell Rambouillet - rear quarter view


Rivendell Rambouillet - side view 2
Rivendell Rambouillet - headtube detail
Rivendell Rambouillet - saddle & bag detail


 This bicycle has been updated - click here for version 2.0
Clyde's been at it again! - click here for version 3.0

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