Attached are a few shots of my 63cm Rivendell Romulus.

I bought this from Elliott Bay Bicycles here in Seattle when they first shipped, and the bike has proven to be a real joy. Subsequently I bought a 55cm Romulus for my wife directly from Rivendell and they've become our get-on-and-go bikes for weekend rides through town with our boys in tow, one in a Burley and one on a trail-a-bike (hence the gaffers tape on the Nitto post). My wife will say she "doesn't ride", but she gets on her Romulus with Albatross bars and Nigel Smythe sacks and tows our three year old across town without understanding that she's getting exercise. To her it's just fun, and I like that.

I've changed a few things from the stock build, most notably the Silver down tube levers, Suntour Superbe brake calipers, and the Dia Compe levers with the swinging release. I also added a Nitto rack and Baggins Pa Panniers, candy bar bag, yellow tressostar tape with amber shellac, Honey B17 Champion Special, SK fenders; pretty standard stuff. I love this bike and am convinced it has evangelical powers (in a good way) - 2 formerly doubting friends recently purchased a Bleriot and a Rambouillet and we ride for a few hours each Monday evening (sans Astronaut suits) after work, and then have dinner.

Thanks for the site and for building the community.

Frank Fulton
Seattle, WA


Rivendell Romulus - rear quarter view


Rivendell Romulus - front end view


Rivendell Romulus - non-drive side
Rivendell Romulus - stem & bars



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