This is my Taiwanese TIG-ed 1991 Bridgestone CB-1. Heavy, plain-gauge tubing with an eclectic mix of Shimano Deore XT vintages.

M730 cranks with Profile large and granny rings, and a Biopace steel middle, on a UN72 BB.
M739 shifter-levers and V-brakes, the last Shimano V-brakes that looked good, I thought.
MM737 front derailleur and M739 rear.
The rims are Ritchey Vantage Experts laced to DX/LX hubs - the set came off an MB-3.
The 26.2 Kalloy post was a tough find, and the most beautiful part to grace this bicycle is the Brooks Team Professional S in honey, with copper rails that I got from an iBOB. Thanks dude.
The flat CODA bar came off my 1995 GT Avalanche, and the Onzas were scored from the internet back in 1998.
The Taiwanese Beto rack is not very elegant, but I use it to fetch boxes of BOBish parts from the post office, and also to ferry my better half around, when she's not riding this bicycle herself (the perfect excuse for the Brooks Pro S).
It's the cheapest heavy duty rack I could find here.

This bicycle was given to me by a friend before he left for an organ building apprenticeship in England. I took it apart, cleaned it up, and have been replacing all the worn and less BOBish parts with nicer ones ever since. It is the perfect companion to my "faster bike" Zip at Number 88 .

The next upgrade will be the M730 and Araya RM395 wheelset, Jitensha-Nitto flat bar, a Technomic Deluxe and a fluted silver seatpost.

One of the pictures shows "Chofu", the bull terrier who looks after my bicycles.
In another picture you can see the high rise apartments so typical of Singaporean living.


Alf Chern

ajchern at gmail o'com


Bridgestone CB-1 - side view with Chofu


Brooks Professional Saddle detail
Bridgestone CB-1 - headttube detail
Bridgestone CB-1 - w/ Singapore highrise


Bridgestone CB-1 - rear quarter view

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