Great site by the way!

Thanks so much for all the time you put into it!

The "Country Bike" has arisen! This is my beloved Bleriot by Rivendell. It's a svelte 51cm. The 650b's look "just right" to me on the smaller frame sizes especially. Rides great...more responsive (read a little twitchy) than I expected, but so far pretty much in a good way! Decends like a bat outta you know where...I almost felt I could go hands free on the decent and I'm a big chicken most of the time.

Here's the build...

Sugino crankset
Deore RD 105 FD
Old suntour barcons (another vote for friction)
Cane Creek brakes (love the quick release and that they are not black)
Brooks B-17 (non-special, but she's special to me)
Dia-compe brakes
Velocity rims and shimano parallax hubs built by my own hands
Nitto Noodle 41cm (my first noodle and it's amazing)
Yellow cloth tape with 3 coats of amber shellac
Silver bell from Jitensha (purchased when i bought my honjos)
Carradice Barley bag bringing up the rear

I have the following in my garage awaiting installation. I plan to wait for the days to get a little shorter and the weather to get yucky to install. Plus, I'm worn out from all that twine wrapping and shellacing.

Hammered Honjo 650b 45mm fenders
Inoled 2+ LED headlight
Shimano Dynamo front wheel (QBP built)
Nitto/Mark's Rack...a la Rivendell.

I will be mounting the headlight on it and maybe a small basket if the mood strikes me!

Well, enjoy the pics and happy riding!


Rivendell Bleriot - nondrive side


Rivendell Bleriot - front half


Rivendell Bleriot - drive side
Rivendell Bleriot - drivetrain and twined chainstay
Rivendell Bleriot - downtube detail



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