A lovely 1990's Battaglin 55cm with all Campagnolo Chorus components. I obtained this great Italian Bicycle off German eBay. I had a German freind received it from the German eBay seller and repack it and forward it too me in California. I have owned both Colnago's and now a Battaglin and it rides. better than the Colnago. It has a paint scheme that is the start of air brushing. Very nice.

Charles Nighbor,

Walnut Creek, California



Battaglin - nondrive side
Battaglin - drive side view


Battaglin - rear wheel & drivetrain


Battaglin - crank detail
Battaglin - front end detail
Battaglin - top down front quarter view


Battaglin - downtube & shadowplay
 Battaglin - fastback seatstays
Battaglin - shiny, shiny, shiny

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