Ebisu 650b All-Purpose

Even before I moved to Bay Area, I have been thinking a bike that design around 650b tires. After reading Mr. Jan Heine’s Bicycle Quarterly review of Ebisu All-Purpose, I could not help myself and ordered one from Jitensha Studio. The order process was simple but in-depth, Mr. Hiroshi Iimura asked me what kind of bike I want, the type of components I am going to use on this frame, handlebar bag, and fenders. In other words, everything is designed into making the frame to have an integrated approach.

It took two months for the frame to arrive. I took it to Shaws' Lightweight Bicycle to be build. They are specialist with Campagnolo and first class bike shop. Owner Terry and Jerry did a great job putting this bike together. Please note details such as soldered cable ends (they are the only shop I know that still doing it). They did an alignment of any new frame before building thus ensures the best riding bike you can have. In fact, they do that on every bike they sell, even the inexpensive Track bike. When Jerry did an alignment for the frame, he mentioned this is one of the best-made frames out there. All the brazing is clean, and the alignment is dead on. In other words, this is one of the best frames you can buy without going full custom.

There are few details that are unlike other bikes I have. First, this one uses Ergo shifters. Second, the handlebar is one design by Hiroshi and it works really well. Third, San Marco Regal saddle, I have been getting some numbness from Brooks B17, the Regal solves the numbness problem for me. Lastly, I have chosen to use Shimano cassette with Campagnolo drive train, Shiftmate from Jtek solves the problem beautifully.

The complete bike weight 25.5 pounds, very good for a complete bike with bags.

Finally, I would like to thank Hiroshi of designing this frame, Jerry and Terry putting this together and Mr. Heine for giving me the final push to get an Ebisu. Last but not least, for Grant Petersen for bringing back 650b into mainstream, now we can go fast and in comfort!





Ebisu - seat lug detail
Ebisu - cockpit view


Ebisu - fork crown & brake detail


Ebisu - head on view
Ebisu - headset & cable routing detail
Ebisu - rear derailleur


Ebisu - drive side view
 Ebisu - rear quarter view

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