Univega Viva Sport.

I purchased this bike new in 1983. The bicycle is mainly original, with the following changes: Bar Phat Handlebar Tape Brake Cables Aero Brakes (actually added in in 1985 or so)

The components are the obligatory Shimano and Sagae units as delivered.

My planned changes are: Rear Rack Rack Bag Fenders Bike Computer (still looking for my original, 1985 unit. It was (is) blue with yellow buttons) and is here somewhere!

The bike has some age marks, much like me. When I purchased this, I was a mere 30 years old. I am now 52, porky and unhealthy, and want to return to riding for weight and diabetes control.

Wish me luck!


Waterford, MI




Univega Viva Sport - side view








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