This is my 1993 bridgestone xo-1. I bought if of ebay about a year ago as a present for myself. Its got a couple of scratches, but hey, who cares. i think it adds a little character. however, it does have a small dent on the top tube. Its smaller than a dime, and it does not threaten the integrity of the frame, but it makes me angry. Its not even close to stock, it would be easier to list the original parts. But that is boring. I've still got the mustache bars on it, but in a couple days, i am performing a little sacrilege and switching to nitto noodle bars. i think they are better for the riding i like doing. Ive also got the MKS touring pedals and a honey brooks.

anyway, id love to hear what any of you think about it so feel free to email me at but i dont care for anything negative.

cheers- Ethan



Bridgestone XO-1 - nondrive side


Bridgestone XO-1 - head on view


Bridgestone XO-1 - driveside
Bridgestone XO-1 - Da Ding!

Bridgestone XO-1 - driveside






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