Repco Traveller to Commuter Conversion -

Started off as an old Repco Traveller I scored off eBay for $10. The paint job is nothing to write home about, a simple spray of undercoat white with glossy black finish. The components came off a few different bikes, the only new part being the bottom bracket, as you basically don't have to worry about sealed bottom brackets once there are mounted.

Being my main utility bike, its cargo capacity is of great concern, I have experimented with many configurations, and finally settled with the current setup. I wanted something that's permanently attached to the bike so I don't have to lug it around so panniers are out. The two baskets can handle most things I carry around on a daily basis, but in the rare occasions when more space is needed, I adapted one of those pensioner's trolley bags by removing the wheels & clamping it to the rear rack.

Some more pics at:


Kind regards, qian


Repco Traveller - side view


Repco Traveller - Roll-up Pannier


Repco Traveller - rolled down pannier
Repco Traveller - on the stand







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