Here's my Trek 620...awaiting only Cascadia fenders...and a couple of other small things.

This is a mid-'80s ('85?) Trek 620 that a previous owner had powdercoated orange. I added the Resurrectio decals. Two things that stand out about this bike are the 1963 Sturmey-Archer hub (the rear wheel was given to me by Kent Peterson) and the Soma "Sparrow" handlebars. The latter are surprisingly comfortable...and the former, combined with a 20t cog and 50t chainring, works quite well, thank you very much.

I had the original Jim Blackburn rack for the bike (also powdercoated orange) but found that it interfered with the canti straddle cable, so I replaced it with a brake-mount Jim Blackburn from the same period. Doesn't look as integrated, but works better. I had hoped to outfit the bike with a Velo Orange chainguard, but Chris tells me that those max out with 48t rings, and, obviously, this one is a little bigger. I may yet have to make something.

The bike is currently wearing 32mm Kenda Kwick cross tires, but come winter it will be outfitted with 35mm studded cheapies from Nashbar.

Oh--the other thing that will be going on shortly is a B&M sidewall generator and home-brew LED headlight.

Wish I could afford another dynohub, but noo...

This is my "other" bike--it goes the same places as my Kogswell D58, but it has more tire clearance, so come ice, this will be the main ride.



Trek 620 - side view










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