Here is the new addition to siblings CC 116 and CC 274, the 2 Jonnys. This is my new Sir Maldoror.

Inspired by the French Rando bikes, with Sir Maldoror flare. Sir Maldoror, AKA Carlos Martell,is a small one man show out of San Diego, who won best new Builder a year back at NAHBS. The frame and racks were hand crafted by Carlos, He also created and executed the stunning paint job. Kids smile were ever I go on this bike. Pure fun!

The bike is built with a Simpex derailures, Old Phill hubs and BB, Velo-Orange fenders, Hatta Swan head set (supposedly as good as King with no LOGOS), TA cranks, Mafac brakes, and some Nitto bits.

The bike rides quite sollid, yet fast enough to keep up with the Carbon Crew on Sunday Mornings. Like I said Pure Fun the bike recieves smiles every time I ding the bell.


Trevor Segraves

Lake Forest


Sir Maldoror - side view

Sir Maldoror - front end detail

Sir Maldoror - seatstay detail






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