This was a junker I bought from my local bike repair guy. It was factory-built in the mid-70s (Italy, I think) for Condor of London, though unlike the real Condor it was mass-produced for export. I call it the "Eurotrash" because, except for Phil Wood hubs, it is built from the old French and Italian bits in my spare parts bin. And it has lots of flashy chrome. It rides wonderfully and now has a nice olive-green Carradice Camper Longflap hanging behind the Brooks Champion Special.

Cranks - Stronglight model 104 triple
Derailleurs - Simplex double front, Simplex long-cage rear
Shifters - Campy NR tabs
Freewheel - Sachs 26-13
Hubs - Phil
Headset - Campy NR
BB - don't ask
Bar/Stem - Triple TTT faux lugged stem, TTT bars
Brakes - NOS Mafac Competition centerpulls with steel-bodied levers
Fenders - Joannou Randonee
Pedals - Lyotard quills



Eurotrash - drivetrain detail

Eurotrash - side view

Eurotrash - head on view


Eurotrash - rear derailleur detail
Eurotrash - Front end detail




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