Hi, my bike was on the old rivromulus list but i just found your page. Awesome.

This is my 2006 Rivendell Atlantis with custom Joe Bell paint job located in Houston, TX. The stock Atlantis green wasn't my style so I went with classic Black & Tan. Some people have compared it to Guinness Beer and I have no qualms with that! ha!

When i first got it, it was equipped with moustache bars and baggins bags. The pics with noodle bars and arkel bags are more recent. Originally the bar tape was cork with amber shellac which matched the new brooks b.17 perfectly but over time the brooks aged. So when it came time to rewrap the bars I used brown cloth tape and amber shellac... again a great match in color.

Everything else is fairly standard parts, but I did splurge for a Phil Wood bottom bracket. I've also recently switched out the original xd triple crank for an xd double.I've had a ton of bikes both before and after this one, and nothing even comes close to the quality of my Riv in every aspect. More pics and full specs can be seen here...





Rivendell Atlantis - side view

Rivendell Atlantis - headtube & fork crown

Rivendell Atlantis - twine & tape & shellac


Rivendell Atlantis - out and about
Rivendell Atlantis - in the woods



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