Who ever is responsible for this site, Thank You! I have spent hours looking over some of these beautiful bicycles, gaining some inspiration and a few ideas for my projects. I'm glad I found this site as my two favorite companies are the "old" Ibis and Rivendell, It makes me feel right at home!

My first submission to this site is my Ibis Hakkalugi. This bike started life as my dirty Cyclocross bike and has blossomed into something I think to be a little more useful. Originally I was going to buy an Atlantis, after visiting the company and riding one I was sold. However I decided that I wanted to build the bikes I already had into new bikes, and save getting the Rivendell when I could afford to get my first custom bicycle. My new bikes are built for what I do now and it was really neat to see them transform, as my needs, tastes and desires have transformed.

The biggest change for this bike would be the front fork. It was switched to a Surly 1" threadless. I never really liked the way the original fork felt, It always seemed cheaply made, a little shaky, and not a good match for the frame, after putting the crowned Surly fork on, things have been very smooth. The bike was repainted by Sycip cycles in Santa Rosa, who also added rear rack braze-ons. This bike has a mix of mostly new parts acquired from friends, Craigslist, or Ebay. The drive train is a mix of Shimano Dura-Ace and Ultegra. Rear wheel is a Chris King hub built up on a Mavic CXP 33. Front is a Schmidt hub built on a CXP 33, 36 spokes, straight gauge, brass nipples, bullet proof. Original Thompson seat post, that and the clamp are the only original parts left :( Tektro brakes, professional saddle, old school Salsa stem, Nitto noodle bars (my first pair, super comfortable). Tubus Rack, Honjo fenders, Baggins country sack, and pink dice!

After doing some riding I have decided that I may switch up something in the shifting and maybe a chain ring. I'm not sold on STI shifting with triple chain rings, It was my first try and a little too fussy. I prefer the freedom of being able to truly trim the front derailleur, and I probably will have to replace the crank and bottom bracket to use a different chain ring, don't know if its worth it, sometimes Shimano confuses me. So far though I've been pretty happy, I absolutely love the quirkiness and versatility that this bike offers, ride it to work, strap something to the rack, panniers, ride at night, in the rain, hit some dirt trails, cruise to the coast, it really does it all! this bike has accompanied me on some beautiful rides in and around Sonoma county, with many more to come.

Sebastopol, CA




Ibis Hakkalugi - Classic Logo and bell

Ibis Hakkalugi - drive side view

Ibis Hakkalugi - front end view


Ibis Hakkalugi - Baggins and Brooks
Ibis Hakkalugi - In the Orchard
Ibis Hakkalugi - rear view




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