Hi Jim,

I think this is a "Current Classic" although I've now set it up for shopping, errands, and without the basket I can hit the local trails. Besides, it's about time the gallery had a Jamis! BTW Jamis still makes this model, it's a good starter bike if you've got friends or family wanting to try cycling.

It is my 2000 Jamis Aurora I bought in 2001 as my 1st really nice bike. For most of its life it was set up as a "Poor man's Atlantis" i.e. fenders, drop bars, and a Carradice bag. I used it for commuting, club rides, rode my 1st century with it, then succumbed to the lure of "nicer" bikes.

So it's been sitting awhile. I decided since I already have a road bike I really like (#72 in the gallery) I should set the Jamis up as something different.

Most of the stuff came from Rivendell: Sugino crank, MKS "sneaker" pedals, Deore Derailleur, 12-32 rear cog, thumb shifters, Tektro brake levers, and the Wald basket.

I added some Forte knobbie hybrid tires, rubber grips, and mirror from Performance. Stuff I already had was old Trek saddle (has bag loops!), hybrid bars, beer can shim for the stem, and Zefal rack with handy rubber straps, grocery pannier is from Nashbar.

I really enjoy having a bike I can just hop on wearing whatever and ride as part of my daily routine.

Chris Roy
Laguna Hills, CA




Jamis Aurora - Loaded and ready

Jamis Aurora - seat tube detail

Jamis Aurora - rear view


Jamis Aurora - drivetrain detail
Jamis Aurora - Shopping Spoils




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