Howdy --

Firstly, let me say what a great site you have, I've really enjoyed getting to check out other peoples rides.

So here's my current bike -- a "complete" Surly Long Haul Trucker purchased in February of 2008. I'm not sure how "classic" a Surly is in this company, but I've certainly enjoyed it so far. It's more or less the stock bike but with the obligatory Brooks saddle (a Flyer), SKS fenders, MKS touring pedals, el-cheapo aluminum rack and On One Midge bars. I've tried a few different bars on it (Nitto Rando’s, 115's and moustache bars) and like the Midge's the best -- they seem like a good fit for this type of bike.

I've yet to do any touring with it (this season was just about getting back in cycling shape), most of my riding is just poking around on the back roads and in the mountains near my house (the front range of northern Colorado). I've also done a fair bit of off-road riding with it on forest service roads and jeep trails (setup with moustache bars at the time). As a relatively inexpensive do it all bike I think it's pretty hard to beat.

Thanks again for the great site --

Michael Kullman


Surly Long Haul  Trucker - Country Cruiser

Surly Long Haul  Trucker - driveside view

Surly Long Haul  Trucker - Rambling mode


Surly Long Haul  Trucker - at the lake
Surly Long Haul  Trucker - fenderless and mustachioed


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