My 1978 Motobecane Grand Touring has barely a scratch on it. I bought it from the original owner in Canon City, CO who had obviously used it very little. But the Cyclotouriste crank was what recommended it to my notice, although it was really geared more for open country than mountain touring - I've proven that the hard way, having ridden it to Kansas in one direction and (part way) up the Continental Divide in the other. I've since replaced the 56/49 half-stepped large rings with a more manageable 48/36 combination.

Specialities TA "Cyclotouriste" triple crank
Campy NR triple-hole front der.
Campy Rally rear der.
Mafac Racer brakes with half-hood steel levers
Normandie high flange hubs on 27" Rigida rims ("the Gallic Revenge")
Brooks Professional saddle
Motobecane handlbars
Surly Nice racks
Velo-Orange fenders


Motobecane Grand Touring - driveside view

Motobecane Grand Touring - Campy Rally Derailleur

Motobecane Grand Touring - crankset detail


Motobecane Grand Touring - front angle view
Motobecane Grand Touring - head on view


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