This is a mystery frame that I picked up from a seller on Craigslist. It appears to be a late 70's or early 80's Japanese lugged steel touring frame. It has some interesting details like diamond-shaped cutouts in the lugs and a raised-wire chainguard.

It was inspired by the A. Homer Hilsen, although it has cantilever brakes (I am considering having a shop pull off the canti bosses and changing to sidepulls). Many of the parts came from Rivendell, like the Brooks B17 with copper rivets and copper-plated rails; handlebar, stem, etc. The shifters were NOS Dura-Ace for regular downtube mounting, but thanks to some nifty Riv-produced mounts (purchased at Box Dog Bikes in San Francisco), they are now on the bar ends, which I think is a really nice touch.

For Christmas my wife gave me the fenders and the front rack, which came from Velo Orange and are the 48 millimeter house-brand fluted model. The rack is the Mark's Rack from Nitto, purchased from Rivendell.

Although it is washed out in the picture, the rear derailleur is a late-model short cage Dura Ace and the crank is a late model 175mm Ultegra.

Before the fenders and front basket, this was my road bike for rides with roadie friends. Not sure if it still will be, but it will definitely get more mileage as a daily commuter for my 8-mile round trip commute to downtown San Francisco and back. I also take it on some of the easier trail rides in Marin county.

The frame was originally a metallic blue color and I had it sandblasted and powder coated off-white. It's sustained many nicks and scratches so I will probably have the paint redone this year.


Riv-Knockoff - side view

Riv-Knockoff - basket detail

Riv-Knockoff - head on view


Riv-Knockoff - Light 'n Racy mode

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