Here are some pictures of my Rivendell Romulus. Three of the photos are from the bike's 'early days' and the fourth is from this past summer's Oregon Bike Ride (OBR).

The 'early days' configuration of the bike is the stock Rivendell build for the Romulus using Shimano long reach side pull brakes. These images date from late 2005. This configuration is using 35 mm Honjo fenders and 28 mm Riv Rolly Polly tires.

In the OBR configuration the bike is using Riv Silver side-pull brakes, no fenders, and 33.333... mm Riv Jack Brown tires (green label). On front the bike has a Riv Marks Rack with a Little Loafer bag - a perfect camera bag! In back is a Riv Nigel Smith Country Bag. In this mode I think of the Romulus as being A. Homer Hilsen-ified. I appreciate this bike for how it performs and for the versatility of the design.


Santa Clara, CA.



Rivendell Romulus - side view

Rivendell Romulus - front angle view

Rivendell Romulus - rear brake bridge detail


Rivendell Romulus - on the coast

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