1977 Raleigh Grand Prix "Wolfie"

I love the site and check daily to see all the great selections of bikes and ideas! Well, here's a my first ever renovation project that was built for relatively cheap with leftover parts and cheap finds. It's a 1977 Raleigh Grand Prix that I picked up from the original owner on Craigslist ($30!) in the suburban Detroit. He hadn't used it since the late eighties and sat in his garage caked with dirt and surface rust. It proved to be a great learning project, especially since I'm relatively new to riding. I ended up tearing everything down, cleaning each component with oil and steel wool, stripping and repainting the bike, adding/modifying racks, fenders, lighting, and finally a pump. It wouldn't have been possible without some of the best bike shops in the Metro Detroit area including the HUB, Continental Bike Shop, and American Cycle and Fitness.

Component list:
27x1 1/4 Tires/Tubes: $35
Modified Wald Rack Rear: $15
Brooks B17: from my old bike Cables/Housing: $10
Stripper/Primer/Paint: $45
V/O Fenders: $42
Zefal Pump: $5
Front Rack: $10
Converted LED Bullet Light: $12 for flashlight LED, $2 switch, $5 housing
Kool Stop Mountain Brake Pads: $20
Water Bottle Cage: $5
Army Surplus Bleached Panniers: $10 each



Raleigh Grand Prix - side view

Raleigh Grand Prix - "Before"

Raleigh Grand Prix - front end detail


Raleigh Grand Prix - rack detail
Raleigh Grand Prix - rear rack and panniers


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