Here's a local cl find that just needed a bit of TLC - my first complete bike rehab. It's an 1986 Nishiki Prestige. With the exception of new: DiaCompe brake levers, chain, tires/tubes, Brooks honey B17, and VO leather bar tape I used everything else that came with the bike. It's only about the 4th set of bars I've ever wrapped - hope they look ok - and the first attempt at finishing the leather with hemp twine and shellac. It seems this bike got very little use when new, then was stored & forgotten. Such a shame.........but, lucky for me!

Manny Sandoval
Mesa, AZ

P.S. Love the website and I'm hooked. Next two projects: an '87 Trek Elance 400T & a '94 Vitus 992.



Nishiki Prestige - side view

Nishiki Prestige - front end detasil

Nishiki Prestige - front end view


Nishiki Prestige - rear angle view
Nishiki Prestige - QR detail
Nishiki Prestige - pedals detail





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