Unfortunately I bought this Murray new at Wal-Mart in 1998. I have recently found that this is one of the last years Murray built bikes in the USA. So to me is is somewhat special. I rode it about 10 miles over about 8 years and then started riding again. I realized the reason I had not been riding was because my bike sucked. I had grown up on bike shop bikes and this had been my first "adult" bike with gears. I got it out of the backyard and started fixing it up with parts I found or from donor bikes I found in ditches. I even found some choice parts NEW in my LBS's dumpster. I tore this thing down to the frame and there was not a scratch or a ding on it. (nice powder-coat finish) I greased every bearing, and adjusted all cables so now they all work.

Here is my list:
98' Murray extreme- $89.99 +tax
1GT handle bar grip-Bike shop dumpster-free
1Schwinn handle bar grip-Bike shop dumpster-free
I Viscount leather seat-from an old Raleigh Record I found-Free
2 Shwalbe Country Cruiser tires-NEW in the LBS trash-Free
1 Mavic quick release wheel-From an unknown bike if found
1 Quick release X-Rim with 7 speed cassette from a Raleigh M-40 I found
1 Quick release seat post clamp from a pink girls bike I found in a ditch.
1 lay back BMX seat post from a Mongoose bike I found at an abandoned property.
Tektro V-brakes from the same Raleigh M-40.
Diamondback stickers were given to me at a bike shop.
LS Auto Ride sticker on the head tube is from a rare GM pickup package.
The handle bars are from another crappy bike I found in a trash pile.
The rear derailleur is a Shimano that I built from about 6 different ones.

I have not spent a dime on this thing. It is smooth and solid. I know it is a POS but it is quiet and NEVER breaks down. I got brave and rode this on a very technical ride with some friends who had $5K bikes. I kept up with them the whole way.

I love this thing.



Murray Extreme - nondrive side view

Murray Extreme - rear angle view

Murray Extreme - front angle view


Murray Extreme - driveside view
Murray Extreme - head on view





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