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Hi Jim, Aloha.

Here are some update photos on my blue Riv (156 on the site). After breaking my arm, and resulting surgery, I find it a little difficult to downshift ergo levers, so I sold off all my ergo stuff. I rebuilt the bike with Dura Ace eight speed, downtube shifting, which presents no problems for me. I had fun with the details, like the double wrap cloth tape and Velox plugs. This is the third rebuild of this Riv: first, it was all Suntour Superbe Pro, next, it was Campy Chorus, now full Dura Ace!

Oh, and Indy likes this bike too!

thanks for the site.


Rivendell Road - rear angled view


Rivendell Road - front end detail


Rivendell Road - crankset detail
Rivendell Road - Well-guarded by Indy
Rivendell Road - bottom bracket detail


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