Here's my Sekai 2400 which╩I pulled off a trailer load of stuff headed to the dump several years ago. I'm afraid I don't know the year. Most of the components have been swapped out. It's a nice bike that get's ridden regularly.

Build is as follows:

Headseat: Tange Nova
Stem: Nitto
Bars: SR Road Champion
Shifters: Suntour
Brakes: Shimano SLR
Cranks: Sugino GT
Pedals: KMT (?) Tri-Athelete
Front DL: Suntour ARX
Rear DL: Shimano 600
Saddle: Planet Bike
Rims: Matrix Titan
Hubs: ??


Sekai 2400 -


Sekai 2400 - gears and flowers

Sekai 2400 - crankset detail


Sekai 2400 - Head On View
Sekai 2400 - Top Down View
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