Jim -

This is my 59cm Bleriot by Rivendell. I purchased it from another list member in April of '10. It joins my stable of Rivendells as the only 650B of the bunch. I bought it because I have read so many favorable things about the bike and about 650B wheels, I thought I'd try them both out. My other Riv's are size 60s or 61s, but so far, so good. When it arrived, it was set up with Nitto Noodle drop bars and bar-end shifters. It also came with a Brooks Champion Flyer sprung saddle. I wanted it set up more for commuting and for towing my BOB trailer, so I switched the bars out for Nitto Albatross, and the shifters were replaced with an old set of SunTour stem shifters from my parts bin. I added Tektro brake levers and gummy h'bar grips purchased from Velo Orange. I also added from my parts bin a Nitto rack and a cheapo bottle cage. The tires are Col de la Vie; Wheels are standard Rich Lesnik builds. I like the combo a lot. Next fall, I'll add a nice set of fenders. If I find a reasonable deal on a Nitto small front rack, I'll add that as well.

I have taken two longish rides (45 and 64 miles) with this set-up, but have yet to tow the trailer. On the longer of the two rides, about 15 miles of it was on dirt or gravel trails. The bike with the Col de la Vie tires handled that section very well. I have been commuting with it on San Francisco's streets, and the bike has not had any difficulty thus far with the glass, pot holes, or grades. I can not, however shift into the very highest gear because the stem shifters are for an 8-speed cassette. No matter, I won't miss it. I have taken on a few respectable climbs, and find I can grip the Alba bars on the bends and stand off the saddle quite naturally. Also, into wind, I can grab the bends with equal comfort. Not as many options as drop bars, but sufficient for the rides I'll do on this rig. Ray Shine San Francisco



Rivendell Bleriot - side view


Rivendell Bleriot - Bars Setup

Rivendell Bleriot - Stem Shifter Detail


Rivendell Bleriot - Rear Angled View
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