Here is my Faggin cyclocross bike, i manly ride in my home town, Copenhagen, specially i love to ride in the northharbor with is just half a mile form where i live, is an very old harbor and the roads out there is not in good condition, there is also dust and "grass" tracks. if you ever visit Copenhagen you shut go there is a lovely mix of klondike, industry and nature.

the bike:

i love singelspeed bikes and this one is no exception. on one SS convertet LX rear hub, LX box and headset, campagnolo crankset (44/15, i little to high for hardcore offroad tracks, but perfect in town), the brakes are LX canti with shimano 105 roadlevers, and and interrupters, on a SR road handlebar. the seatpost is a old beautiful campagnolo with the only saddle i ride brooks leather, they are just the best. I use a narrow tire set ride now, there is not much mud around here.

its winter and cloudy here and the light isn't that good, that's the reason the pictures are a little blue.


Stinus Bertelsen


Faggin Cross Bike - side view
Faggin Cross Bike - front view
Faggin Cross Bike - drivetrain and sea
Faggin Cross Bike - at the shore
Faggin Cross Bike - rear view


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