These could also go in the singlspeed gallery, but hereีs my ิ97 Voodoo Wazoo

I resurrected her last summer with a SS rear wheel including ENO hub and White freewheel. Originally I installed some enormous 45C Panaracer Crossfire tires and they actually fit (barely) but I wore them out and hungered for something lighter. Now she has a Crosswolf front and a Ravagozzi rear and she weighs under 21 pounds without the lights. I use her for commuting mostly along the coast in south Orange County, California and that's where the Light N Motion Vega LED light and strap-on fender comes in handy. Other highlights include Nitto moustache bars & Cinelli cork, Dia Compe 287V levers to actuate XTR V-brakes, old 1" CK headset and matching front Ringle Bubba hub, 2nd gen XTR crankset with the rebuildable version of the BB (no cartridge bearings), an original Ti Syncros seatpost, Kinesis fork (that I really want to replace with an IF...), Mavic Reflex front/Salsa Delgado Cross rear rims. The chainline is managed via the ENO and a half link in a BMX chain (because I want the eccentric to face backwards not forwards). Gearing is 46x19.

-- Alan Davis


Voodoo Wazoo - rear end detail
Voodoo Wazoo - drivetrain detail
Voodoo Wazoo - rear hub detail
Voodoo Wazoo - side view
Voodoo Wazoo - front end detail


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