This is a Race Lite to single gear conversion built in the Santa Cruz frame shop around 1995.

Frame modifications include horizontal drops, deletion of all cable stops except 2 for the rear V brake, a Coca-Cola sparkle paint job, and Road Lite stickers. Years ago, this bike was featured in MBA magazine, which is where I first spotted it. A few calls later, I arranged to purchase the frame from one of the Bontrager employees.

The current build: Judy fork with Bontrager crown and Speedsprings, Bontrager stem and Crowbars, King GripNut headset, Avid Speed Dials levering Shimano V brakes, USE suspension post, Salsa Flip Lock, Ritchey Logic cranks turning a Sampson titanium BB, Eggbeaters, Paul WORD hubs and ACS freewheel, WTB Powerbeam rims, Intense 2.25 CC tires with NoTubes, and, for sound effects, an IncrediBell.

The bike is called Onceler, a name suggested by Keith Bontrager, who got the name from Dr. Seuss. I wince when the bike is referred to as a "single speed" since the bike goes many speeds, mainly slow uphill and fast downhill. But for those who couldn't possibly know its name, Onceler, "single gear" fits just fine, as it has, of course, a single gear.

Enjoy! - C. Gosset





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