Single speed Peugeot "townie" bike.

Gets me to the grocery store and the library. Also great fun to ride with my 6-year old when she's on her own little single speed. Swooping around parking lots, paved trails, and sidewalks.

She's a low end Peugeot from about 1985, originally a 12-speed. Bought her new and held onto her for all these years as I've upgraded my taste in bikes a couple of times. Lugged cromoloy w/ a cool flat fork crown. This one got abandoned in the back of the garage for a while until getting a new life a few years ago as an SS cruiser.

Geared low for Seattle hills, 42/20 or something like that. Stand and stomp the uphills, coast the downs, and spin spin spin the flats. Pretty eclectic parts mix, nothing high end but some old friendly type bits. Suntour XC Expert brake levers mated to the original Shimano brakes. Campy Mirage triple cranks w/ of course 2 rings removed. ACS freewheel. Awesome MKS touring pedals w/o any straps to get in the way. Albatross bars w/ cork grips. Other than that, mostly original. Don't know why, but sometimes It's just fun to ride a bike with only one gear!

Clint Loper

Peugeot City Bike - front view
Peugeot City Bike - side view




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