This is an early 90's Stumpjumper Comp frame I purchased on e-bay. Perhaps you might recognize it as they were - all flat gray, triple butted with red decals. I had it Powder-coated by Sycip. They do nice work.

It was intended as a single speed for the woods with a bigger gear to get me across town to the park. I'm a bit of a fixed nut with three out of five bikes that don't coast, so I settled on a gearing scheme Sheldon Brown has mentioned a few times.

Double chainrings and a White Industries ENO rear hub. One side a 14T fixed, the other a 17-19T double freewheel also from White Industries. The larger chainring is a 36T, on the inside position to optimize chainline while fixed. The smaller is a 32T on the outside. Works great 36X14 fixed getting to and into the park till it's time, then flop the rear wheel for a 32x17 or 19, for that nasty singletrack and descents that can be an appreciated time of rest. The rear brake can be a bit of a hassle as the ENO will settle your rim in a different position upon flipping. It's nice to have easily adjustable shoes.

The brakes are Paul's Neo-Retros with his Canti Levers. Cranks are Shimano XT. Stem was supplied original equipment on my first Specialized Stumpjumper. The bars are an alloy no-name I picked up at the LBS. The pictured pedals are WTB grease guards, but I ride with clipless in the woods. Brooks Champion Flyer and Salsa post. The rims are Mavic 217 I think. Head set is also off my old mtn bike. What else would last that long - Chris King. Oh, and the front brake cable hanger is a Ringle'.

Phil B
Santa Rosa, California

Stumpjumper Comp SS - drivetrain
Stumpjumper Comp SS - rear hub
Stumpjumper Comp SS - front view
Stumpjumper Comp SS - side view




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