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Hi Jim!

Sorry this took so long, but here is my Quickbeam!

And here is the story thus far: Purchased this bicycle right from Rivendell HQ in April of 2005. It is a size 60. I had been thinking about getting one of these for several months. My riding had been alot of long distance brevet and training rides on the Rambouillet, and I wanted something very different to break up the riding/training program. Riv was starting to run out of these and none to come in for a while. While on one of my frequent visits to HQ I inquired if there were any left and was told only one remained in the 60 size and it was in the showroom. Strolled over to take a look and it was set up with Albatross bars. Took it for a test ride and all ok. Asked to switch the bars to Mustache as I already have a bike with the A-bars. Ordered a sprung Champion Flyer saddle from Peter White and the fine folks at Riv set it all up for me.

This bike has been such a joy to own and ride. The 40x18 free is my most used gearing. I have been fortunate to pump up Mt. Diablo in the 32x18, but only to Juniper Camp wich is about 900 or so feet from the summit. The bike and I currently reside in Michigan. My riding here has been with the Panaracer 37s wich are great for all the country dirt roads and single track trails. Once the snow started flying I mounted the Nokian studded 35s and can comfortably handle the winter riding scene. I do have a 16t gear on the fixed side of the hub and enjoy the experience of riding fixed as well. Have put about 1,700 miles on this bike in 8 months and really like the "ride, don't worry 'bout 'nothin" aspect of it.

Thanks for the site!

Dave Nawrocki

Quickbeam - at rest with mates
Quickbeam - on the trail, fall
Quickbeam saddle bag & rack detail
Quickbeam - side view
Quickbeam - in the snow

Got 2 feet of snow here on Wednesday. Spent most of yesterday digging out. The sun is now shining and the main roads are plowed. The sub is still kinda rough going. May wait another day before I take the Nokian shod Quickbeam out.

Dave Nawrocki

Ft. Collins, CO

Quickbeam in the snow




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