Hi, Here's my humble submission to your gallery.

It's a blue and white singlespeed mountain bike. This is based on the first bike I ever bought with my own money, a 1998 Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative Contour 400 (www.edinburghbicycle.com).

The forks are from On-One (www.on-one.co.uk). Loads of bits (inc. the cheap and nasty front disc wheel) were recycled bits from the Bike Station (www.thebikestation.org.uk) The front disc is a Clarks one, and it works quite well, making only occasional whining and gobbling noises. The rear wheel was recycled from an old bike, and the single gear was fixed on using a bunch of spacers and a decent cog from a couple of worn out cassettes. The original rear mech is used to keep the chain nice and tensioned.

I use this bike regularly to pull my son in his Chariot child trailer. I even pulled him up hilly Arthur's Seat (Edinburgh's local extinct volcano) for the Arthur's Seat Challenge (www.arthursseatchallenge.co.uk). I don't do that sort of thing too often... Since this photo was taken, the rear wheel has been renewed after the freewheel became too free, and also a rack and mudguards have been botched on for the sake of practicality and cleanliness. I've also upgraded the gearing to 44x16 for extra sore leg muscles. Next thing to go on is a set of dynamo lights, and maybe more gears depending on how my legs cope as my son grows.


Steven Hammer


Edinburgh - side view




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