My Quickbeam serves as my commuter bike in Seattle and for the past three years has taken me south on the Cascade Bicycle Seattle to Portland ride. It's a 62cm frame originally purchased in the first batch directly from Rivendell. I've changed the brakes out to Paul Neo-Retro cantilevers and the crank is a 175mm TA Specialties Pista with a single 42-tooth ring. The Suzue flip-flop hub has a 16t freewheel on one side and a Dura Ace 16t fixed cog on the other. Brake levers are old Suntour Superbe, rack from Nitto, Rivendell Baggins Hoss saddlebag, Green Brooks B17, white tressostar tape with Bullseye amber shellac. I take the Baggins Boxy on-and-off and have a second set of wheels with Phil Hubs and Mavic MA40 32 hole rims built and ready for STP this year. This is a terrific bike and gets most of my miles. I have a Rivendell Custom on order and when my number comes up I'll have them build a fast single speed very much like this for fast Sunday club rides.

Thanks for the great site - I enjoy coming back and appreciate your work.

Frank Fulton
Seattle, WA



Rivendell Quickbeam - rear quarter view
Rivendell Quickbeam - front quarter view
Rivendell Quickbeam - drivetrain detail
Rivendell Quickbeam - rear rack detail
Rivendell Quickbeam - non-drive side




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