MKM was a British marque named for Arthur METCALF, Ron KITCHING & Wes MASON; Metcalf and Mason were retired British pro racing stars and Kitching was a prominent bicycle retailer/wholesaler. They started building bikes in '72 and were out of business by '79. Much more info at the CR site:

I'm not sure if this bicycle is a proper path racer---I apply the term loosely to vintage frames with true track ends that are also factory-drilled for brakes and have road-like tire clearances and frame angles. They could be ridden on the road to the race, which could be on a track or a grass field ("path"), raced, then ridden back home.

The frame is build from Reynolds 531 db tubing and has some nice details---long-point lugs, semi-wrap stays, round fork blades with twin-plate fork crown. Brake clearance is tighter in the front (short-reach caliper w/shoes at top of slots, ~40mm) than rear (standard-reach w/shoes near bottom of slots, ~55mm). BB drop is a little shallower than most of my road bikes (~65mm), but the frame angles aren't very radical (74-deg square) and she handles nicely on the road. A nice vintage/Riv fit for me, a tad on the tall side.

Componentry is mostly bog-stock vintage Campag Record/Nuovo Record. I eventually tracked down genuine pista crankarms and steel-cage pista pedals. I'm between wheels at the moment, working on a set of high-flange Campy hubs w/tubular rims. Technomic stem & Nitto 46cm bars, which I find the best fit for my jello-bellied Clydesdale physique, and every good bicycle deserves Brooks.

Mainly used for early-morning flat-to-gentle-hill shortish rides and commutes. Most/all original decals/transfers are gone (don't think the head tube letters are original), and I guess she deserves a respray, someday. But I'm a sucker for original paint, and I can buy another vintage frame for the cost of a respray..... :^}

Keep the faith!




MKM Path Racer - side view
MKM Path Racer - crank detail
MKM Path Racer - headtube view
MKM Path Racer - seat lug detail
MKM Path Racer - fork crown detail




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