First off - thanks for providing this site to let the world see some of the coolest bikes out there.

Also - thanks for being so animal friendly and supportive of the homeless and rescued and sympathetic to Katrina victims. My wife and I along with 5 dogs escaped her wrath and ended up in Dallas. We are planning our return to New Orleans soon.

Meanwhile, my therapy included building this bike. It was bought as a full fendered original 1959 model 3-speed and I changed things a bit. My inspiration came from designs of traditional hotrods. I had the handlebar, rims, and crank powder coated, I "flame tarnished" the stem, the hubs are finned items from a 1940's cruiser. I added the Surly flask and cage and fashioned a cigar holder. (BTW - where do you carry your bourbon and cigars on your bike?) The stainless steel bottle in the King copper tubed cage holds my patch kit and tools. Hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoy riding it.

Mark Manson



Raleigh Sports Hot Rod - side view
Raleigh Sports Hot Rod - drivetrain detail
Raleigh Sports Hot Rod - rear quarter view
Raleigh Sports Hot Rod - flamed stem
Raleigh Sports Hot Rod - rear hub detail




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