Here's my early seventies, made in England, Falcon, set up as a fixie. I bought it off eBay already converted to a single speed. Later I built a fixed wheel for this bike: Miche track hub, Campy Montreal rim, 14t Phil Wood sprocket (the chainring is 42t, so that gives me 79.1 gear inches - a bit high for me but fun). The bars are probably original (very similar to the "Dove" bars sold by Rivendell - and in fact the blurb on Riv's page does mention that Dove is "very much like the Falcon bar but made by Nitto of Japan"). I took off the brake levers and grips that came with the bike, and replaced those with Dia Compe (I think) road levers and bar tape - and like that setup (and this bike overall) a lot. Thanks.





Falcon - driveside view
Falcon - front end detail
Falcon - saddle & seat cluster
Falcon - drivetrain & seat tube




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