Joining the Homer Hilsen (Current Classic #238) is my Sycip Java Boy Single Speed. Arguably there are some mixed idioms here. The plan was to make a commuter errand bike that would at once stand up to the rigors of Chicago weather and street conditions, be fun to ride, easy to clean and maintain, and look reasonably attractive doing so. I like to think the Sycip meets all criteria quite well. Special thanks to Jay and Jeremy Sycip, Pete at Phil Wood, and the good folks at Boulevard Bike here in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood who did some extra work to make parts not necessarily made for each other come together.

The run down:
Frame: Sycip Java Boy semi-custom Butcher Paper powder coat
BB: Phil Wood
Crank: PaulComp 46
Pedals: MKS RX1 Track with Bruce Gordon Ti half clips
Chain: SRAM 1/8"
Hubs: White Industries H1 front, Eno Flip Flop rear
Cogs: Eno 16/18 freewheel, Somafab 17 fixed
Brakes: PaulComp Touring Cantilever
Levers: PaulComp Canti-levers
Headset: Chris King No-Threadset
Stem: Nitto U1 5EX
Bars: Nitto Albatross (RBW) or North Road (just about everyone else)
Bar Pack: Ortlieb Ultimate 5 Compact
Bell; Velo-Orange Japanese brass bell pre-mounted on stem spacer
Grips: Champ
Kickstand: Pleitscher
Rack: Velo-Orange Constructeur
Fenders: Honjo Hammered Aluminum
Rims: Velocity Fusion
Tires: 700-35 Treadless Schwalbe Kojak (who says Germans don't have a sense of humor?)







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