Here's a few pics of my Rivendell Quickbeam.

I purchased this bike in February 2007, and it's one of my favorite rides. The bike includes the Riv flip-flop rear hub with 18t freewheel and 16t fixed, although I've been riding fixed exclusively. The Sugino crank is the standard Rivendell 40-32 setup. Other goodies include Nitto stem and noodle bars with shellacked and twined cork tape, 700 x 35 Pasela Speedblends, Mavic Open Sport wheels, SKS fenders, Carradice Nelson Longflap saddlebag with Brooks B-17 Honey Champion saddle.

Of course, every bike needs a brass bell!


Rivendell Quickbeam - front end detail
Rivendell Quickbeam - Rear Quarter view
Rivendell Quickbeam - side view
Rivendell Quickbeam - front end view
Rivendell Quickbeam - front quarter view




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