I proudly offer my Serotta Rapid Tour for consideration for the Single Speed Garage.

When I bought the frame a few years ago, it was hanging in the rafters of one of my favorite shops, forgotten. I got it for half retail, and had the parts from my Cannondale cyclocross bike moved over to it. I commuted on it for two 2000-mile+ seasons, in all sorts of weather, as a regular geared bike. A couple of weeks ago, I would have suggested it for the Current Classics Gallery, but I recently did a SS conversion on it.

The current build includes:
- Velocity 36-hole rims on Ultegra hubs, with 700cx28 Continental Ultra Gatorskins
- Shimano 105 crankset with the inner ring moved out
- Avid shorty cantis
- Performance Forte SS conversion kit, running a SRAM 9-speed powerlink chain
- American Classic seatpost and Flite saddle
- Ugly Profile stem with Salsa bars, and Shimano RSX levers
- SKS fenders - Ugly Trek rear rack (hope for a Tubus someday)
- A Carradice "Bike Bureau" pannier to carry my PowerBook, clothes, pump and tools

I did a couple of rides and a few commutes in one gear before going for the SS conversion. I did the conversion for about $80 (seems odd to spend money to get rid of stuff, eh?). Spent $35 for the conversion kit and new chainring bolts, and the rest for the (used) levers and new cables/housing, which was not really required, but completed things nicely. I love the fact that I can drop the bike from a few inches and hear nothing but tires boinging. This, with fenders, rack, and tensioner!

I converted from white tape and housing to black when I did the SS change. I think the black follows the green/black/gold theme better, though the white looked classic.

I commute about 6.5 miles to work on fairly hilly pavement in the South Denver suburbs, and about 10-12 miles home on relative flats (a creekside gravel bike trail). I ride it all on the Contis. My current gear is 39x18. This ratio is roughly what my Rivendell Quickbeam will give me once it arrives (for use in another location).

Thanks for your great site. It is an inspiration!

- Mike


Serotta Rapid Tour - side view
Serotta Rapid Tour - rear quarter view
\Serotta Rapid Tour - drivetrain detail
Serotta Rapid Tour - non-drive side
Serotta Rapid Tour - rigged for riding




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