In this world of curiosities and wonder, odd things happen. The most recent example of this has to be Single Speed Gallery Bicycle #100, which has a curious similarity to Single Speed Gallery Bicycle #1... enjoy!

Hey Again,

Here's another submission, I built this up about 6mo ago.

My Bridgestone MB-1
American Classic locking HS
Bontrager stem
Tange Switchblade fork
Specialized 177.5mm cranks
Bullseye rear hub

superlight bike!!!!

Jeromy Hewitt


Bridgestone MB-1 - side view
Bridgestone MB-1 - headtube detail
\Bridgestone MB-1 - rear hub detail
Bridgestone MB-1 - frame detail
Bridgestone MB-1 - crankset & ring

UPDATE - Jeromy is "collecting 'em all...!" After I sent him the link to this finished page, he emailed one more photo:

It is a very fast bike, however, my mb-2 feels like a much more solid ride. Side by side they are sweet to look at, but two completely different rides. I'll send you a pic of both bikes side my side. Funny, but every bearing on the mb-1 is sealed, and every bearing on the mb-2 is ball-bearing and race. My MB-2 is a gem and has thousands of miles on it. I ride it everywhere.

Bridgestone and Bridgestone




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