The attached Raleigh/ America is circa 1980Ós Capri sport geometry. It started out as a 10 speed then 5 now 1. 40t Shimano Biopace, courtesy of older road bike, with 18t ACS freewheel on the rear. Outer ring modified as a chain guard. All of the remaining parts are from a variety of thrift store bikes. I ride daily and find the single speed very relaxing - on average 5 to 7 miles on flat grades with weekend runs average 12 to 20 miles.

I really enjoy your site. Thank you for considering my ride.

I have attached, for fun, my Cruiser. After all it is a single speed and I enjoy it very much. I get a lot of compliments when out and about, people really like the horn, ride it to coffee / church and back about a 10 mile stretch.

One gear no excuses.

Ted M. Lewis


Raleigh Capri - side view
Raleigh Capri - crank detail
Raleigh Capri - headtube detail
Raleigh Capri - drivetrain view
Church Cruiser




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