Here is a before and after picture of bike. I took my old winter bike and brought it back to life. It was a Miyata Pathrunner. They used to put really good chrome under a powder coating. The bike was all chipped up and wore out. I stripped powder coating off with a can a gasket remover. A set of single speed wheels with Bontager Hard Case tire went on next.A black Brooks saddle to sit on and a set of straight bars. The rear brake was a bottom bracket brake that I replaced with a BMX chrome brake. It really is a clean look with brake on bottom. Some red cables just to set it off. Bar enf brake levers. I installed a small front rack and some chrome toe clips later.



Miyata Pathrunner - before
The Chrome Gnome - non-drive side
The Chrome Gnome - top down
The Chrome Gnome - driveside view




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