This is a bike I put together to take a trip across lower Michigan last summer. It is an old Centurion that I had the paint removed. The bike was chrome under paint but not a brilliant chrome. I had it coated with a teal transclusent powder. I had a set of green anodized rims mounted to a set of Hurly hubs. It actually has Dos Enos 2 gear sprocket on the rear. Brooks saddle with a set of moustache handlebars with chrome tape. Grearing is a Kooka Crank with wild colors and gold front crank. I put a set of gold sparkly fenders on for the trip. This is exactly how the bike look the day of trip. Tried to pack lightly. A hulk jersey kept all bad guys at bay!!



Dr. Richard Banner and his bike
The Chrome Gnome - non-drive side
The Chrome Gnome - top down
The Chrome Gnome - driveside view




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