I'd like to submit my Schwinn Prelude singlespeed conversion to your gallery.

This bike has a funny past. I originally bought it at Target for $200 for my girlfriend to get into road trekking. I've read reviews on it, and from what I saw, it was a decent bike to "start" on. However, after a few rides that left her wrists and neck sore, we decided to replace it with a more friendly, flat bar hybrid.

Now, I had an inexpensive project with decent stock components. At first, I simply took off the gears and left one on with a chain tensioner and cruised it around that way with some added flat bars for a few months. But, a rainy day got the best of me, and out came the tools, some paint, a new stem, chain, and a handlebar I had sitting in my garage. The rear freewheel was replaced by an ACS, 16T BMX style freewheel and the entire bike was disassembled leaving me to clean and re-grease all the bearings and moving parts. Cateye lighting and a computer help me see where and how far I'm going, and of course, the Incredibell helps me keep pedestrians safe from my low flying!

My finishing touches were the vintage Schwinn headbadge, Kenda Cyclocross tires and a Brooks B-17 saddle. The tires hit the spot since I don't have a mountain bike. The singlespeed is among my stable of a one-off fixed gear, my Felt Scythe Chopper Cruiser and my Dahon Broadwalk folding bike.

I ride all of them and cycling definitely helps me in my other sport (on and off road motorcycle riding). I hope people enjoy my submission and thanks for the great site!!


Dion "Dion Rides" at UGLY! Pads
Santa Cruz and San Jose, Ca.



Schwinn Prelude - out on the grass
Schwinn Prelude - at St. Anthony's
Schwinn Prelude - at the pond
Schwinn Prelude - headtube detail
Schwinn Prelude - On the Edge




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