This is a few pictures of my "Supercycle" single speed folding bike. I think Supercycle was a Canadian Tire brand in the 60's and 70's and this was is marked as "Made in Poland". It was an ebay purchase that had a broken Sturmey Archer three speed hub, high handlebars and a plastic seat that was very uncomfortable. The front fork was an odd proprietary the bike needed to be reborn.

I added a new fork, new front wheel, new seat and fenders. Took off all the brake cables, etc., and put on an alloy rear wheel with a coaster brake. It's much easier to take off the handlebar to fold without those pesky cables. Added a drop bar and some new 20" x 1.95 street tires and it is fun to ride! You can just see a "Trail-a-Bike" hitch on the seatpost and I drag my 4-1/2 year old around on the back. It's great to fold up both bikes, put them in the back of the car and go. We typically ride light trails and bike paths. If we hit a hill that's too steep, we both jump off and push the bikes up, then take off downhill.



Supercycle Folder - in the snow
Supercycle Folder - side view
Supercycle Folder - front quarter view
Supercycle Folder - rear quarter view
Supercycle Folder - headon view




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